Las Vegas and The Aahrus Wreck, Queensland, Australia

Saturday 5th November, 2012

Nick K, Mark and I headed out to do our first dive at Las Vegas. I was super excited about this as had never heard of this dive site before.

Las Vegas is a stunning site, it reminded me a little of a cross between Flinders Reef and Julian Rocks. The site has a rock formation wall travelling from North to South and there is plenty to see either side. You can reach thirty two metres at the bottom but all the good stuff sits at about twenty to twenty five metres.

I was diving EAN36 so got some nice bottom time but Mark and Nick were on Air so unfortunately had to head up a bit shallower so they didn’t hit their no decompression limits (NDLs). Scooters would have been fun here too…there was no current and about twenty metres visibility and you could see the natural light bouncing off the soft corals, it’s definitely a site I’d love to do a decompression dive on. It just felt like it went so fast. Lots of macro things to see and photograph here but also great scenery so there’s something for everyone.

We then voted on the next site and headed to the Aahrus Wreck. I was slightly dubious about this because the first time I had done the Aahrus there was a rip roaring current and I felt like I was finning my arse of continuously just to stay in one spot.

This dive turned out to be one of my absolute favourites. No current, twenty metres visibility so you could see the whole site, it was fantastic! Nick K found my Nudibranch that I had found last time, munching down on weeds what a fatty, but the find of the day was a huge Octopus that put on quite a display beside a big Lion Fish.

Nick K managed to find three more smaller Octopus on the side of the wreck hiding in the Coral, we also saw Cleaner shrimps, a Bull ray, tiny Anemones with tiny Clown Fish and a wonderful bright orange Hermit Crab.

We were all buzzing from having such a great dive! And now I would happily rate the Aahrus as one of my favourite sites.

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