The Jabren Wreck – Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia

Saturday 30th May 2015

Today Mark and I headed down to Tweed heads to dive The Jabren Wreck for the first time. Nick had gotten these marks off some trawler men after they saw the footage of The Sea Rogue.

The Jabren sits in forty metres on the sand and was a wooden Prawn Trawler that caught on fire and sunk in 2013. It is slowly decaying but you can clearly make out the wooden planks, metal parts and mast of the boat which remain in tact. Not to mention a huge stainless steel chain on the deck, and the engine.

The bright blue colour of the boat still proudly boasts between the growth on the wreck. The wreck is littered with Tropical fish, a few staunch resident Cod, a large Lionfish, Wobbegong Sharks, Soft Corals and fans, even Blenny’s darted over the sandy bottom.

It was perfect conditions with no swell, flat as a tack, it didn’t even feel like we were out at sea, no current and fifteen metres visibility. I swam out wider to inspect what seemed like some kind of refrigeration box on the Starboard side and behind the Stern of the wreck I explored a smaller rectangular shaped object which looked like a large twin pan fryer.

I felt really good down at forty metres compared to when I dived the Sea Rogue which sits in forty eight metres. I was diving nitrox twenty seven and it was fairly warm down there ranging from twenty six degrees on the surface to twenty two degrees on the bottom, which no doubt helped ease feelings of Narcosis.

I found it a very interesting dive. I think because there was so much strewn all over the place and it was fun guessing what it was and what it used to be used for.

As there was no current we enjoyed a leisurely ascent beside the line. We got a bit cool on the decompression stops but overall the temperature was nice.

A dive site worth doing, maybe matched with a second dive for the day or potentially a longer decompression dive.

Total run time forty one minutes, maximum depth forty one metres


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