RED Scarlet and DeepX Housing

Monday 6th October 2014

So if you haven’t seen Pawel Achtel’s amazing underwater footage of Humpback whales breaching 10cm from his face, you are missing out! Check out the link here which pretty much sums out how I came to get in contact with Pawel:

The reason I opted for this rig was learning about the breakthrough in technology of the DeepX housing and Nikonos wet lens, the only system to truly resolve 4K underwater, as Pawel’s slogan states: “Sharp to the edge” and rightly so.

The usual bending of the image and vignetting caused by pretty much all other lenses is not present when using the Nikonos wet lens in the DeepX.

Only three buttons on the DeepX housing. One can be programmed to a user button, one is for record and one is on and off, simple.

In the pool for it’s first underwater test and it handles well. Very sharp, but I do notice the blues seem to be lacking in intensity compared to my Canon 5D Mark 3. I’d assume nothing that can’t be fixed in post production now that I have the ability to shoot in raw. The size of the housing is really not that much bigger than my DSLR Aquatica system, a bit heavier obviously.

Learning where all the cables and bits and pieces went was actually quite easy. I have to also thank Pawel who made himself available should I have any questions at all, and was quite helpful during the whole ordering process.

Pawel also supplied a very handy carry case for the unit so I could take it as hand luggage. This weighed 12kg with the camera inside the housing and it was interesting trying to pretend at the airport it was only 7kg!  I had no time to practise with the RED at all in the ocean before leaving for Tonga, and had only used it once in the pool.

Using the REDMOTE which is a remote control for the camera, you can change all the settings on the camera without having to open the housing. Underwater the only thing you can change is the aperture and the focus so the trick is to have the settings in an ideal range so that the aperture changes can compensate for most changes in depth or natural light.

To check out the DeepX housing technology go to:



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