Gotham City, Moreton, Queensland, Australia

Saturday 29th August 2015

As I descended on The Gotham City dive site I realised jumping in the water with the camera due to a strong current, had dislodged my sync cable to my monitor screen so all I could see was a bright blue screen. Great I thought, this is like an oversized and very overpriced Go Pro!

Near the end of the dive I noticed a giant Jellyfish in the distance and went over to inspect. I’m not usually a fan of Jellyfish at all but this was pretty beautiful. It blobbed its way nearer to the dive site hastily and hosted a city of tiny little fish under it’s big blobby head.

I figured I would have a guess at the camera settings seeing as I couldn’t see what I was filming at all and try to film it.

When I got home to my surprise the video actually came out fairly good considering I was shooting blind! It just goes to show it never hurts to try…

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