Giant Groupers at Curtin Wrecks, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

Saturday 18th April 2015

Today it was fairly lumpy on the water so we decided to stay inside the bay and dive Curtin which is always a fun dive although has seldom decent visibility and strong currents once the tide turns.

Before we jumped in we noticed the amazing visibility from the surface, blue instead of the usual green and about twenty five metres visibility, you couldn’t have asked for better conditions! I was doing a solo dive as Nick buddied up with a guest.

Within seconds I saw a Giant Grouper; one of the many residents to Curtin wrecks and protected in Queensland. It came by me a few times on the sand before it went out wide. I swam out West and wide of the wrecks in the hope to see more. I came across several of them gently swimming, their bulgy eyes staring me down as if to say come on little diver, I dare you to come closer.

Giant Groupers can be hard to get close to, even if you stalk them slowly, but at the same time they can be intimidating and aggressive. When they want to move they crack their tails and in a flash they are out of there. You can hear the crack in the water. Nick came up saying he had seen a Bull Shark down there, which looked tiny compared to the Groupers.

It’s always good if you can get another animal or diver in the video with the Grouper to appreciate just how big these animals are. There’s a reason one of them is nicknamed VW as some of them get so big I’m sure they could swallow a diver whole.

I turned the dive at twenty five minutes to head South and check out the deepest wrecks before the tide turned and the current was too strong to fin against. As I approached the furthest and deepest Wreck called the Lady Norman I noticed a large school of Jacks, as I peered through them I could see several Giant Groupers chilling out on the sand. I headed down to film one big beast in particular that I got quite close to.

Our second dive was a drift dive on the wrecks and the current gets strong to raging here. I decided to take my camera anyway as had plenty of practice diving in strong currents with it in Socorro. I told Nick I would do this dive with him as it creeps me out ascending in the blue at this site by myself, especially as I know there are Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks here.

Of course my camera wouldn’t turn on once we got down which was annoying as then I had to lug it around with me for no reason. It was a fun dive though, kind of like a theme park ride, fast and furious that is. We saw lots of Tropical fish, Trevally, Moray Eels, there must have been about twenty Giant Groupers down there. We saw Eagle rays and some of the divers saw Whiptail Rays and Bull Rays.

Disclaimer: I am a solo certified diver and don’t recommend solo diving unless you have these qualifications or experience and of course redundant gas.


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