Freediving with a pod of Wild Dolphins, Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia

Friday 18th April 2014

Today we spotted a pod of dolphins outside Morton Bay on the surface so we tried to make some noise by tapping the boat and attracting them over. Funnily enough this actually worked and they came towards us.

I had always wanted to see Dolphins underwater, but they had always eluded me. I tried before in the Galapagos but they were passing through quickly and I never saw them.

I decided to take a chance and grab my camera, threw my fins and mask on and jumped in the water. Nick and the guys on the boat were spotting them for me and just told me to swim, swim, swim. I didn’t have a snorkel nor weights at the time as it was a pretty unplanned decision but I had to seize the opportunity fast before they were too far away.

I quickly corrected my exposure due to it being very bright near the surface, and swam towards them. They started to come into sight in my view finder. The whole time I was making a humming noise at different frequencies in order to try to get their attention. They seemed to be hanging around and one even looked straight at me. I felt pretty stupid making the noises but I remembered all the documentaries about them being highly intelligent and inquisitive and was hoping they would come closer to me to check me out. I had heard that when they are bored they swim off.

As I got nearer I noticed there were quite a few of them, about twenty including a huge Pregnant one, and some small ones playing together. I got within about ten metres to them. It was amazing, and I couldn’t help but glance up from my viewfinder to check them out and relish in the moment. Wow what an experience.

As I started heading back to the boat I realised I had swam a few hundred metres, and I could hear some clicking from the dolphins, as if to say Goodbye.

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