Windarra Banks, New South Wales, Australia

Saturday 26th July 2014

Today we set off from Brunswick heads to dive Windarra Banks; a site known for it’s raging currents but big marine life. As it is always hit and miss due to weather and currents to dive, we chartered the boat full of experienced Rebreather divers and Sidemount divers, a few of the guys had scooters too.

On the first dive I was the first person in and yep the current was ripping as expected. I had the camera Canon 5D Mark 3 with me so slung my pink lanyard over my arm and pulled my way down the rope to the site. I was pleased to see pretty nice visibility about twenty metres.

As I approached the mountain top I noticed a dozen Eagle rays huddling and a huge Bull Ray to the side in a crevasse. I dropped down into the crevasse to creep up on them and film. As I panned around to the right I noticed another twenty Eagle Rays down below at about thirty eight metres. Below some footage although shaky from the current:

The remainder of the dive I stayed on the top of the mountain at about twenty six metres, the current was too strong to swim around the site without having the proper use of both my hands to pull my way around the rocks. The boys with scooters buzzed past, definitely a great dive site to have a scooter.

Nick K went for a swim and the current he said seemed to calm down a bit on the bottom of the ledge at thirty eight metres. Maximum time fifty minutes maximum depth twenty six metres

For the second dive it was much the same as the first. We saw two Grey Nurse sharks, there were some huge Kingies, one was so big I almost thought it was a shark for a second. Lots of tropical fish and of course dozens of Eagle Rays congregating and a Bull ray.

Even though some of us stayed on top and didn’t venture far I think we were all happy to be there and with the good visibility you could simply hang out and watch the world go by. Next time I might ditch the Mark 3 for a Go pro and venture down to circumnavigate the site. The rebreather divers with scooters certainly had a great time and benefited from the best bottom times and exploration of the site.

It was cold, about twenty one degrees, a few guys had to sit out the second dive, but I was in my drysuit thank goodness.  Maximum time fifty six minutes, maximum depth twenty six metres.


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