The Convincible Wreck, Queensland, Australia

Friday 18th April 2014

Today we headed out with Chris, Christian, Hannah, Nick and myself to dive outside Moreton Bay. We did our first dive at Gotham city which had amazing visibility of twenty five metres and the boys saw a Bronze Whaler here. Pretty dive and no current, so the usual big schools of Pelagics were not around but it was a really nice tour of the mountain. Did a thirty five minute dive here with a maximum depth of thirty five metres.

For our second dive we headed South to do The Convicible wreck, a site I had not heard of before. We descended down to thirty three metres where the wreck sat slightly cocked to one side on the sand, in pretty good shape.

It reminded me of The Hustler, quite a small wreck but covered in yellow seaweed it had plenty of fish life around it including; Lionfish, Baitfish, Large Cod, and Tropical fish. Chris and Christian penetrated the wreck whilst I did a tour. We found a huge White Cod sitting on the sand we hung out with for some time, who was not bothered by us and more concerned with scratching it’s belly on the sand.

I completed a thirty eight minute dive here with a maximum depth of thirty three metres. I made Nick take a plastic bottle down and pump it to see if we could attract some Sharks or get the dolphins back but no such luck. Nonetheless a surprisingly nice dive site, that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

We ended up squeezing in a third dive, I completed this with Hannah who is fairly good on her gas as Nick didn’t have enough diving on two ten litres instead of his usual two twelve litres.

We dived The Marietta Dahl which is a site I love. I’ve dived it only twice before but it is super easy to navigate around. The wreck itself looks like a bomb went off inside it, it’s scattered all over the place. We went and checked out the tractors and then the prop shaft. A school of fish circled me for awhile.

I also entered a school of a few hundred Sawtail fish who are residents there and were eating as usual! There were many Flute fish and other schools of Tropical fish, Hannah found an Octopus, and there were plenty of Macro critters around like Shrimp and Nudibranches, and some Crayfish. This was a really nice thirty nine minute dive with a maximum depth of fourteen metres.

As there isn’t much footage of the Convincible Wreck I made short film, you can check it out here:

Disclaimer: Always dive within your qualifications and experience level

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