China Wall and Hendersons, Queensland, Australia

Sunday 15th April, 2013

This morning was grey and wet, I was envisioning myself slipping down the boat ramps in my jandals with my twins until I drove to Scarborough and was pleasantly surprised to see the sun peeking out over the bridge.

We headed out to China wall for our first dive, which I was excited about as had not done this site before. China Wall is more than a wall of rocks, it feels like a different country altogether. It sits in about thirty metres of water and has these sharp symmetrical shapes cut out of it, almost as if in a previous lifetime this may have been occupied land. There is this area called the Keyhole where George nailed the anchor on and the largest underwater arch I have ever seen spanning about forty metres wide and twenty metres high.

Over the wall there is a landscape of beautiful bright yellow seaweed and bright red sponges that litter nearly everywhere you look. We saw a huge bait ball that encircled us with a single Kingfish. There was no current and the bushes of bright yellow and red seaweed rocked gently in the water.

We explored the caves and crevasses that I knew would hold many secrets and I had started wishing I had attached my torch to my camera. Rob A. spotted a Grey Nurse shark and it came back to visit him again inside a swim through we were exploring. The Grey Nurse seemed intrigued by Rob, maybe it hadn’t had a visitor for a while.

It circled him gently allowing him to take close footage on his camera, before it softly and slowly disappeared into the distance. We saw bright Blue Tang fish, Lion fish, Clown Triggerfish, Trevally, Bait fish, Kingfish, Nudibranches, Giant Lobsters, and various other tropical fish. We completed our safety stop and returned to the boat after fifty minutes with a maximum depth of twenty eight metres on EAN32 and an average depth of about twenty metres.

Our second dive was at Hendersons. I felt lazy as there was no current or surge here either and I simply hovered around with my buddy Mark S. exploring a large mountain that supported a diverse range of tropical fish and life. We saw Wobbegong Sharks here, Trevally, Flute fish, Nudibranches, Turtles, and the usual suspects. It was fun swimming through a beautiful overhang and visibility was about thirty metres. Our maximum depth was twenty one metres on EAN32 I returned after a fifty minute dive with one hundred bar.

Another beautiful day on the water.

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