Cherubs Cave and Hendersons, QLD, Australia

Saturday 18th August 2012

We decided on Cherubs Cave and Hendersons for our dive sites. The weather was mild and sunny with a bit of a chill in the wind. The seas weren’t too bad.. a little bumpy in spots on the way out but mostly flat otherwise. I had never done Cherubs Cave before so was pretty excited about trying out a new site.

Cherubs is situated on the other side of the lighthouse so it takes a bit longer to get out there. But on the way out we saw four beautiful Humpback whales and a pod of Dolphins. Of course every time someone called Whales and I ran out excited with my camera they would hide from me. Photographers luck, and only thirty metres from the boat I still enjoyed watching them in their natural habitat.

At Cherubs cave the landscape was really pretty. Nick K called it a BMX track for Sidemount divers, as it is full of narrow passages, tall crevasses, swim throughs and small caves. There was a strong current on this dive and we all pulled ourselves down the anchor chain to get to the site. Once there, we were pretty sheltered by the rocky terrain.

The bottom depth on the sandy trenches is about thirty metres but there is also plenty to see a bit higher and we averaged twenty metres on the dive. There were some nice pelagics here, including a huge Brown Cod chilling out in a small swim through, a huge school of about three hundred Diamond fish, Triggerfish, large Trumpet fish and Crayfish.

The temperature on my computer showed a chilly eighteen degrees and definitely felt cold even in my new 6/7mm wetsuit. I saw three Grey Nurse sharks here and managed to get a nice clear video of one coming towards me. Some of the guys saw a group of eight on the North corner. The visibility was a clear twenty five metres. I had a forty five minute dive and it was time to come up and get warm!

On the surface interval I was freezing, and so thankful to be on Oceancat with it’s lovely hot shower facilities, hot sausage rolls and hot chocolates that warmed me up in no time at all!

We headed to Hendersons with the hope of seeing more Grey Nurse sharks. The current had picked up and was now raging. We decided to do it anyway.

The current was one of the strongest I’ve been in but it was actually quite fun pulling ourselves down the line. We had to claw our way a little bit on the sand once we got down but at least it kept our minds off the cold water.

Andy G and Richard were having fun on a scooter and it was definitely a great day for it with the current ripping. Nick and I nearly bumped into a Grey Nurse shark that came around the corner unexpectedly, and we saw a few more thereafter.

Nick found two Blind sharks sleeping under a cliff with a Wobbegong, and I got frustrated whilst attempting three times to get into a position to get a semi decent photo only to be blown out again by the current. Oh if only I could grow an extra arm! How useful would that be?!

I also did another forty five minute dive here and then came up the line. I had one chance to grab the line by the ladder and got it, which was lucky as the current was getting even stronger and I didn’t want to end up over at Stradbroke! Needless to say due to the current, today was not the best for photography, however I really enjoyed seeing the Grey Nurse sharks, and the Whales close to the boat.


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