Rebreather and OLPF take their first dip

Sunday 18th October 2015

Today I took my Poseidon Mark 6 Rebreather out for it’s first dive. With gorgeous weather we headed out to Flat Rock, Stradbroke. I also had the True Blue Optical Low Pass Filter (also known as OLPF) to try on my Red camera thanks to Pawel Achtel. The OLPF assists the camera with it’s colour restrictions in particular with Blues.

With the Rebreather passing all it’s tests I descended down to find a magic 25 metres of visibility. Within minutes the Rebreather came into it’s element with a friendly Loggerhead turtle that seemed intrigued by it and circled me for a while very closely.

We saw a couple of Grey Nurse sharks but they were on the move, the resident large Cod, Bull Rays and a few Cow Nose Rays. Bruce, Michael and Geoff also saw Spinner Sharks on the Blue corner. No problems with the CCR! Win. Maximum depth 29 metres and time 66 minutes.

For the second dive we went to Manta Bommie and the ocean was just amazing, bright blue with 30 metres of visibility and sunbeams filtering down through the water.

Within seconds we came across our first Manta Ray, then another, then another…in total there were 8 including a beautiful black Manta and a very large pregnant Manta. They were quite friendly but it was a different experience on CCR, they didn’t just come around me but lingered in front of me staring at me, it was almost like they were listening to me breathing. My best ever encounter with Manta Rays to date!


We also saw large Sting Rays, a Guitar Shark, and schooling baby Kingfish hunting Baitfish. Filming at Manta Bommie in mid-water whilst circling with a Manta around and around a bommie was somewhat challenging on CCR…you go up the smallest amount and the CCR wants to inject more Oxygen into the counter lungs which of course pulls you up, so it takes a bit of innovate Pilates type positions and some quick juggling to be effective. A good challenge for my second dive in the unit. Maximum depth 14 metres and maximum time 65 minutes.

The OLPF made a huge difference to the footage with Blues really popping out instead of the washed out greyish or purple tinge. This was most obvious in post production.

Images are frame grabs from the video I took today on the Red Scarlet.

Below is a short compilation of some of the footage taken, I’m really impressed with the colour difference using the True Blue OLPF by Pawel Achtel.

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