Diving Flat Rock Stradbroke Island with Grey Nurse Sharks

Wednesday 13th August 2014

Today was a public holiday and we headed over to Straddie to dive. It was sunny yet cold and I was glad I was in my drysuit. It was pretty curly on the surface with a 2 metre swell and chilly wind.

We went to the shark gutters and Kev and I descended and headed to the gutter to greet several beautiful Grey Nurse sharks who were lingering. The visibility was fairly good at about 20 metres and there was no current and just a little surge on the bottom.

We practically spent the entire dive a mere 25 metres from the mooring because the sharks just hung around the whole dive. They were pretty curious and a few of them came directly towards me getting pretty close.

I couldn’t help but think if I was in the rebreather they probably would’ve bumped me in the face by accident! I tried to take a long time to breathe in and only let the odd bubble out for as long as possible so that I didn’t scare off the sharks with my bubbles.

We did a 50 minute dive here with a maximum depth of 25 metres.

On the surface interval one of the girls who intended to snorkel was really sea sick as it had gotten even more wild on top whilst we were diving, so we dropped her off back at shore with her friend. It was freezing on the surface and I don’t know how the guys in their wetsuits were coping!

For the second dive we headed to the Western side of Flat rock to try to see the Bull sharks. One of the divers saw two but I didn’t see them. I did see two large schools of Mobular rays, lots of Green turtles, lots and lots of Tropical fish, a huge Barracuda, a few schools of Pelagics and lots of anemones and Clown fish.

It was a pleasant dive with again no current, visibility about 15 metres. We did a 40 minute dive here with a maximum depth of 28 metres.

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