120 minute dive on the BNE ex HMAS

Saturday 22nd June, 2014

Nick K, Nick R, Gary, Ross and I decided to do one long dive on the wreck with the intention of exploring out wide to find the Giant groupers and sharks we saw the other weekend. Visibility was 20-25 metres and water temperature was 21 degrees Celsius.

Ross shone his canister light on the first grouper and then we saw about four after that. They didn’t let us get that close to them, edging out wider and wider from the wreck. Throughout the rest of the dive we saw them a few more times, probably about seven in total.

There was a large school of juvenile Kingfish that hung around our group for most of the dive. We checked out under the stern to see if the pelagics were there like the other weekend but they weren’t, just a lonely Cod and a school of Baitfish. Nick saw some large Snapper mating and we saw Barracuda, and Spanish Mackerel.

There was no current so it was lovely circumnavigating the boat a few times. I found a torch and gave it to Nick K to take up, there was also a pointer and some weights on the sand by the bow but no-one could be bothered bringing them up. I spent quite a bit of time on the bottom with a nice mix of EAN 37 when I was 3 minutes to deco I switched to my stage of EAN 45 at 21 metres and sucked that down before switching back to EAN 37.

The guys went back to the boat and I decided to keep on going. When I turned the dive to head back to the Mag deck I looked at my computer and noticed some how it was showing I was on EAN 50! Not sure what happened there as I was certain I had changed it back to EAN 37 but I decided to then end the dive and do some deco stops just in case as was not sure how long it has been on the wrong gas mix for, despite only being around 14 metres for a while.

So I did a stop at 10 metres for 6 minutes and a stop at 5 metres for 6 minutes then headed back to the boat.

Finished with a dive time of 120 minutes.

Disclaimer: Divers doing extended dives on the wreck or solo are certified to do so.

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