The best VIS 30m at Julian Rocks Byron Bay

Saturday 15th March 2013

I had had 2.5 hours sleep and Nick K, Nick R and I headed down to Brunswick to try to get our the bar as early as possible. The swell was high although sea conditions under water were reported to be some of the best ever in a decade with no current and 30m VIS!

I was praying to the ocean gods we would get out, and trying not to look at the crazy waves coming through the bar and smashing against the rocks. Luckily Mark the skipper got us out on a lull ride, yes! Happy days.

We enjoyed the best VIS I have ever seen at Julian Rocks, furthermore, we were the only dive boat out there so had it all to ourselves. 

On the first dive we headed to the Needles to try to find the Manta Rays that had been spotted there all week. We saw two Mantas that weren’t in the mood to come and play but one had a few huge Kobia following it. We saw dozens of Leopard sharks, Bull rays and half a dozen friendly Eagle Rays that I managed to get quite close to. We saw Green turtles and the large Loggerhead resident, Flute fish, schools of tropical fish and also a school of baby Snapper. The Leopard sharks were friendly and inquisitive coming directly towards us.

We completed the second dive at the Needles again, as that was were everything was going off, and the divers on the first dive didn’t have much to report on the Cod hole. We enjoyed the Eagle Rays and Leopard sharks again, we couldn’t get close to the rock and high where I anticipated maybe the Mantas might be, due to the surge. We checked out the Line of Smiles. Overall pleasant dive, perfect for photography with beautiful sun rays shining through the shallow waters, and no current.



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