Sustainable Seafood App for iphones and online site

Hey guys,


Recently found a great Iphone application about Sustainable Seafood. It is pretty thorough, and gives some good brand awareness on canned Tuna also, as well as links to Greenpeace information, and petitions you can get involved in. Another great thing about it, is that it states what fish are sustainably farmed and what aren’t…there is a misconception that all farmed fish is OK to eat, and this is not true. Wild shark and Orange Roughy are some of the worst fish meat you can eat. The guide will show you HOW they are also a bad option by identifying the problems they create E.G large by-catch, or damaging effects on seabeds.

The app is called Sustainable Seafood Guide and it is FREE and created by the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

If you don’t have an Iphone you can also access the information online at:

Thanks AMCS for the quality information and guidance, and for trying to protect and conserve our oceans.


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