Diving Flinders Reef and Marietta Dahl

Sunday 20th May

Nick K and I really needed a break. In between moving house, travel abroad for work, stress of work commitments and exit cleaning the old house we had been burning the candle at both edges! All work and no play, whoever thought that was a good idea?

What better way to relax than cruising around in the sea I thought.We headed out to Moreton Bay in Rob A’s boat The Malibu. We went to Flinders reef for our first dive. It had been forever since I had dived this site so I was keen to see if I was missing anything, and Humpback whales had been spotted here last weekend putting on quite the display! I was just happy to be out on the water, and pleased Rob had still opted to go after having some last minute cancellations.

We did a 55 minute dive with a bottom depth of 22m and averaged about 20m. VIS was about 20m/25m and no current so it was a lovely easy dive. There were some nice rock formations and small caves at the site we had picked across from the commercial boat operators. Nick managed to find a cave with a great big Green turtle fast asleep in it, a Wobbegong and glaring out of the pancake stacked rocks, about a dozen nice bug fat crayfish with feelers that stretched a mile! That was probably the highlight of the dive.

The thing about Flinders, just like the Great Barrier Reef, is that it is spread out. So unless you’re looking for Macro species it’s hit and miss whether you see anything like Octopus, Moray eels, Pelagics, you know the larger “stuff”. Unfortunately none of which we did see. However, we still enjoyed the dive, and sometimes it is nice just to cruise around. Problem is we get spoiled diving sites like Julian Rocks and diving with Lionfish on advanced remote sites where there is something magical to see and shoot every 5 minutes! and we probably take that for granted.

We enjoyed some morning tea with Rob and he had a dive too. Then we headed around to Marietta Dahl wreck which is by Smith’s Rock. A favorite site of Nick and mine, we were pleased with the 30m VIS and again no current. I went looking for the Coral Banded shrimp again but couldn’t find them. We saw a huge school of Sawtail fish, the biggest yet and I managed to sneak up and plonk myself in the middle of them having a drift by feeding frenzy which was fun!

We played inside the wreck compartments and overhangs. There was a lot of macro and I didn’t have the patience to bother with Macro photos so I just played around and took some scenic shots for those people who haven’t been here before. We saw a school of Barracuda, beautiful bright orange Gorgonian fans, bright lime green wavy weeds, sponges and corals littered in between the scattered parts of the wreck.

I found a miniature crab of sorts floating around and took it to show nick but when I opened my hand it was gone, and Nick was trying to decipher some kind of dive code out of me having a closed fist…laughs

Here we completed an hour dive, and whilst we could have stayed down longer still have 100 bar left in my twins, I didn’t want Rob to be waiting for us for lunch forever! Our maximum depth here was only 11m so it’s a great shallow easy dive that suits a last dive of the day.

Winter is most certainly here. I felt freezing in between dives in my 5mm wetsuit and have decided I will definitely need to invest in a dry suit when I get back from the Phillipines.

Enjoyed lunch with Nick and Rob and cruised on home whilst the sun thankfully popped it’s head out and we dozed in the sun watching dolphins jump and play on the horizon.

Just what I needed, a lovely relaxing day with great company. Thanks to Rob for your kind hospitality.

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