My first Leafy Scorpion fish diving Stradbroke

Saturday 7th April

Nick K and I head back over on the ferry to dive two morning dives with Manta Lodge. We headed to Manta Bommie but unfortunately it was like a washing machine there, and had a rip roaring current too so instead we did our first dive at the Fish Bowl. Our maximum time was 57 minutes with a depth of 23m and an average depth of about 20m. Vis was 30m and we enjoyed diving through the rocky valleys. We saw feeding frenzies of Parrot fish, sea spiders, Nudibranches, Sweet Lipped fish, Coral banded shrimp, and a large blue spotted Sting ray.

The highlight was a Brisbane couple that got engaged underwater! Very romantic and practical way to use one’s slate board if you ask me. So that was exciting and we celebrated with some chicken noodle soup during our surface interval! Someone had obviously forgotten the bubbly!

Our second dive was on Flat Rock on the other side, there was some swell and a guy was too sea sick to do the second dive. We headed out to the rocky outcrops which lay in about 20m of water but unfortunately couldn’t stay there long as I only had 25 minutes to deco and didn’t want to cut the dive short. We turned back and experienced a rip roaring current so pulled ourselves along the rocks until we were in a sheltered more shallow area of about 12m. There wasn’t a lot to see here apart from some hard coral and Humbug fish which kept hiding from me and the camera! On the way back to the boat we dropped down for a bit as Nick K had found a Leafy Scorpion fish which was fantastic as I was starting to think I wouldn’t see anything interesting on this dive. Right beside it was two huge Nudibranches making out but I only had 4 minutes to deco so it was time to head back to the boat.

Nick couldn’t understand how I was so close to deco as we have the same computer and he was out by over an hour. Until we found out the computer had not defaulted to AIR and was on EAN33 well that will do it! Nick had his best dive to date due to his recent modification on his side mount gear and thoroughly enjoyed floating around looking very comfortable in deed.

I miss my twins, and am looking forward to diving them tomorrow at Julian Rocks!

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