The LEOPARD sharks are back at Julian Rocks

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

After some impatient waiting for the crazy ocean swells to settle down I was eager to get wet. Nick K and I headed down to Julian Rocks to dive with Sundive.

It was a beautiful sunny day, little wind and swell and 15-20m VIS Fantastic! I had heard the Leopard sharks were being spotted in the dozens and they weren’t wrong! I saw my first Leopard Shark ever! and then another and another and some more! Absolutely stunning creatures and amazing things to photograph. Reasonably friendly letting you approach them head on compared to that of the timid Grey Nurse shark which dominates the site in Winter months.

Our first dive we did the Cod Hole and saw schools of Jew Fish surrounding a giant QLD Grouper, wicked Spotted Moray Eels and an elegant Spotted Eagle ray swimming with a Leopard Shark and a Green Turtle! It was really nice diving, only a little current which we were mostly going with and some surge in shallower areas. Other divers also spotted a Manta Ray.

Our second dive we did the Nursery where we saw a Common Octopus and then headed to the Needles where we had two beautiful Leopard Sharks circle us three times, saw Moray Eels, Banded Coral shrimps, Spanish dancers and a Clown Triggerfish. Nick saw a group of five Nudibranches on top of one another which I missed.

Two nice long dives in some great VIS definitely made up for the last week of huge swells and muddied up waters. Highlight of the day definitely getting up close to the Leopard sharks, they maybe common in Summer but they are anything BUT common in beauty.

Am eager to get down there again soon!

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