RIP Les, may the oceans always be with you

Last Saturday night the 3rd of September I was helping Nick K get his dive gear ready for his advanced course with Supercat the following day…when my diving friends messaged me asking if I had heard about Les.

Les; a well known and respected instructor and member of Nautilus dive club had passed away. He had been diving Julian Rocks with his girlfriend when it’s thought he had a heart attack. He signalled something was not right to his girlfriend and they had tried to ascend. Unfortunately, Les was unconscious upon reaching the surface and despite rescue attempts and CPR passed away.

I didn’t know Les really well but well enough to feel a great sense of shock and sadness of his passing. I knew him as a bubbly, lovely man who was always complimenting open water students and reassuring them on their learn to dive courses.

It was Nick K that in fact had inspired him to go down to Byron that weekend by talking about how fantastic the diving had been there. I think there is some comfort in knowing that Les passed away diving with his girlfriend which is what he loved after all. I think it is what I would want when my time comes too.

Rest in peace Les and may the oceans always be with you.

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