Hi and welcome to my dive blog! Where I share all of my experiences good and bad in my adventures underwater from the moment I started diving back in 2012 to the present.


Photo above courtesy of Thomas Waterhouse.

I have been featured on Channel 7 news for my footage of the Sea Rogue wreck which I was one of the first in the world to film.

I have flown to Taiji, Japan to help save the Dolphins with Sea Shepherd, I have sailed the Whitsundays, dived the Galapagos which blew my mind, I have fallen in love with the people of Malapascua and been on 612ABC AM fundraising for relief of the Haiyan Typhoon, I have protested in Shark rallies, supported several different Ocean conservation efforts and am a member of Green Peace.

Photo above courtesy of Thomas Waterhouse.

The ocean is my true love and the thing that makes my life full and complete, the thing that makes me strive to be better as an individual and as a human on this earth. It challenges me in every way to overcome my fears, it motivates me and above all it teaches me the meaning of life.

Photos below courtesy of Thomas Waterhouse:

Diving has allowed me to have a beautiful connection with the ocean. I hope that you will enjoy reading and viewing my adventures and that it inspires you to love and protect our oceans too.

Photos below courtesy of Erez Beatus from Apnea Freedving:


2 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. What an inspiration you are to a new generation of young divers, educating people generally about the awesome diversity of life that exists in our beautiful other world under the sea. The sea is close to most people’s hearts to work, play, relax and even meditate but mostly misunderstood and the dangers of killing it off with our reckless life on land. Thank you for your inspiration it was a pleasure meeting your crew.
    Regards Grahame

    • Hi Grahame,

      Thanks for the kind words! I remember before I started diving the person I was back then, I didn’t really like the ocean at all, I hated Sharks and ate an awful lot of seafood without knowing anything about how it was caught or managed…the ocean has taught me a lot and really changed me, I now only eat sustainable seafood for a special treat, and love Sharks and Shark conservation and I want to share that with people who maybe like me, just didn’t know..but above all yes I want to inspire people to love and understand the ocean because people care for what they love. But also because the ocean is such a magical place… It was great to meet you guys also, hopefully seeya again in the water 🙂

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